Veg Vietnamese Rolls

Rice wraps are a staple food in South East Asia and China, since I discovered them and made a few tweaks to the traditional sauces, they have become a staple food in our household.

It is also a great way to include more raw veggies, sprouts and fermented foods into your diet!


  • Chopped veggies (Julienned): Cucumber, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Bell Peppers 
  • Chopped aromatic herbs: Fresh Basil, Coriander and Mint
  • Sauerkraut
  • Sprouts (Mung Dal, Adzuki, Alfalfa, Fenugreek work well)
  • Vermicelli Rice Noodles (boiled)


HOISIN SAUCE: Blend 1/3 Cup good quality Tamari sauce, 1/3 Cup Sesame Oil, 2 Tsp Almond Butter (a handful of Cashews, Macadamia or Organic Peanuts work well too), the juice of 1 Lime, 1 Tbsp of Raw Honey, Crushed Ginger and Garlic, Cayenne Pepper.

HONEY MUSTARD SAUCE: Blend 1/3 Cup Olive Oil, 2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinager, Black Pepper, Sea Salt. 1/2 Tsp Mustard Seeds, 2 Tsp of Raw Honey . Mix in some crushed Garlic, minced Coriander.

Pick your favourite veggies and go for it!

Pick your favourite veggies and go for it!