Lunchbox Extravaganza!

Ever since my girls started school, packing their lunch boxes every day became a part of my morning routine. I found it quite challenging in the beginning, and just like you, ran out of ideas by midweek. Our children spend a third of the day at school and need to be fuelled with the right kind of foods for them to keep up with their energy levels, maintain good focus and most importantly, a good mood! Notice how you feel after a heavy unhealthy meal, you go right into lethargic mode, feel tired and foggy. Not the ideal scenario for our kids if we expect them to stay focused and perform, both physically and mentally. Remember that they are fully dependant upon your adult judgement and common sense, not just to feed them but to take care of their health, providing them with the best chance to reach their maximum potencial. I find it very ironic when I see children going to school wearing their tidy uniforms, shiny shoes, elaborate hairstyles, flashy backpacks and the cheapest, worst quality food ever inside their stylish lunchbox. What is the point of spending your dime on accessorising the outside when we can't provide them with the right fuel to nourish their bodies, minds and intellect.

I put together a selection of 20 Plant Based lunch box ideas and a few tips for you to get started!

  • Find the right lunchbox for your child's age and apettite. We found our perfect match! These amazing stainless steel, "bento-box" or "indian thalis" style lunch boxes by PlanetBox make it super easy and fun for me to pack their food every day. I can clearly see what is in front of me and it makes it easier to include a variety of colours, textures and flavours. 
  • Try to include your children in the decision making by providing them with a few choices.
  • Fill up your fridge and pantry with a wide variety of Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Beans, Legumes, Sprouts, Algae, Nuts and Seeds.
  • Try your level best to include a "Treat" in the small compartment, it really goes a long way.
  • Make the most of your left overs from lunch or dinner.
  • Avoid the "white" foods (most processed foods), they don't provide any nutrients, deplete your child of energy and attach the inmune system: Processed Dairy, Refined Sugar, Refined Flour, Refined Salt.
  • Include as many raw foods or lighly boiled vegetables as possible.
  • Children enjoy finger foods, dips, and all things crunchy!
PlanetBoxs'  custom magnets - Anya's artwork

PlanetBoxs' custom magnets - Anya's artwork

PlanetBoxs'  custom magnets - Zaya's artwork

PlanetBoxs' custom magnets - Zaya's artwork

20 Days of ideas

Day 1:
Cucumber & Carrot Maki Rolls w/Whole Wheat Rice + Whole Wheat breadsticks + Homemade Granola + Cherry Tomatoes & Olives + 1 Date

Day 2:
Chickpea & Coconut Milk curry + Homemade Bread + Kiwi + Chocolate Truffles + Mushroom Spread

Day 3:
Lentils w/Cucumber & Cilantro + Olives & Organic Goat Cheese + Cashenuts + Custard Apple & Maca Pudding + Banana

Day 4:
Mashed Sweet Potatoes + Boiled Asparagus + Homemade Chocolate + Grapefruit + Homemade Granola

Day 5:
Black Chickpea & Vegetables w/noodles + Orange + Flat Beans + Hazelnut Homemade Chocolate + Rice Pudding

Day 6:
Vegetable Omelette w/Greens & Sprouts + Organic Goat Cheese + Cucumber + Spiced Nuts + Homemade Bread

Day 7:
Quinoa Oatmeal + Asparagus + Cherry Tomatoes + Olives + Homemade Carob "Chocolate"

Day 8:
Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/Vegetables + Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes + Puffed Quinoa & Amaranth w/raisins + Almonds + Carob Bite

Day 9:
Veggie Panini & Falafel w/Greens + Carrot Sticks + Quinoa & Fig Puddin + Homemade Bread + Hazelnuts

Day 10:
Spelt Pesto Pasta + Corn on the Cob + Cucumber + Mango + 1 Date

Day 11:
Yellow Lentils Soup + Cauliflower + Flat Beans + Pineapple + Apricot


Day 12:
Cous Cous & Vegetables + Whole Grain Crackers + Chocolate Energy Bar + Mixed Nuts + Pomegranate

Day 13:
Avocado Wrap + Fresh Salad w/nuts + Oatmeal + Plum + Half a ChocBrownie

Day 14:
Yellow Rice w/Vegetables + Cucumbers + Strawberries + Almonds + Chocolate Puddin

Day 15:
Whole Wheat Pesto Pasta + Whole Wheat Bread Sticks + Olive Spread + Raisins + Cherry Tomatoes

Day 16:
Buckwheat Noodles w/Mushrooms + Broccoli + Grapes + Oatmeal + Half a ChocBrownie

Day 17:
Alubia Beans w/Rice + Blueberries + Greens + Homemade Cereal Chocolate + Sweet Quinoa

Day 18:
Oriental Noodles w/Leeks + Cucumbers + Oranges + Chocolate Truffle + Hummus

Day 19:
Chickpea & Sprout Salad w/olives + Avocado + Spelt Crackers + Kiwi & Mango

Day 20:
Pumpkin & Cauliflower Soup + Boiled Potatoes + Cucumbers + Pecans + ChocBrownie


Photos by: The Mindful Sprout