Celebration Day for Girls

(for girls 10-12 years old with their mother or female carer)

Celebration Day for Girls

This workshop for girls 10-12 years old with their mother or female carer is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation of the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation.

With the intention to overturn secrecy and embarrassment A Celebration Day for Girls nurtures connection, normalisation and openness through practical and positive information, stories and fun activities.


Benefits & Origins


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Celebration Day for Girls is a progressive approach to Menstrual Education. It incorporates the best research and infuses it with the wisdom of traditional rites of passage that have long been a feature of successful cultures around the world. The pressures our girls face as they enter puberty are considerable and many girls struggle through early adolescence. The first period is a momentous experience in a girl’s life and marks the start of monthly periods that will continue for more than half of their lives.

Celebration Day for Girls is a bonding opportunity for mothers and daughters. At the end of the day, participants may express what the celebration has been for them in very different ways, the feedback we receive is that everyone is nourished, warmed and energised by the experience.



Jane created this program in Australia in 2000, since then it has been incorporated into several schools curriculum as an adjunct to the Australian Curriculum for Health and Personal Development.

In 2012, Jane began training experienced facilitators, with a passion for working with women and girls, to run Celebration Day for Girls in their own right and in their own communities. Through their skill, generosity and passion the CDG facilitators now offerthis program in over 20 countries around the world.

More about A Celebration Dar for Girls worldwide: https://celebrationdayforgirls.com

What to Expect



We discuss what the workshop is about, I explain how we incorporate many different activities and conversations in order to honour a variety of learning styles, all of which weave into the themes for the next day. These include: art and craft, mothers telling stories about their growing up experiences, fun activities and stories from a variety of cultures, conversational cards activities, sharing and building on our knowledge and understanding of puberty and the menstrual cycle in creative and affirmative ways, exploring practicalities of managing menstruation at school, at home and when we’re away from home. Mothers get to express their concerns and share their cycle experiences, in the context of the session.


As the experiences of puberty and menstruation are not only physical, but also emotional, social, cultural, and for many spiritual, we have a wide variety of conversations during the Celebration Day for Girls which weave in and out of the day’s activities. These include:

  • Cycles of life

  • Menstrual Cycle

  • Exploring stories and practices from different times and cultures for a healthy dose of cultural relativism

  • Practical ways to manage menstruation at school, at home and elsewhere

  • Puberty, body changes and emotions

  • Feelings about starting to menstruate

  • Pads and tampons, disposable and reusable pads, cups and underwear


  • Mother’s menarche stories

  • Girls and women supporting each other

  • And more depending on girls’ questions, concerns and curiosity.


Sneak Peak of the Sessions